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CL Marine Limited is a Premier Port Facility in the Western Hemisphere, providing full support services with the following:

  • Natural deep water harbour

  • Dry Dock with Lifting Capacity of  23,000 MT

  • LOA – 230 metres

  • Beam between Walls – 39 metres

  • 16-ton Mobile Cranes on Port & Starboard sides

  • Pier 5 – 182 metres (long) by 18.3 metres (wide) – for above water maintenance

  • Pier 4 – 122 metres (long) by 18.3 metres (wide) – for above water maintenance

  • Berthing tugs

  • Training school

  • Machine shop

  • Fabrication/ Welding shop

  • Materials store

  • Boat building bay

  • Shot blasting bay

  • Electrical shop

  • Mechanical shop

  • Cranage

  • Trucking

  • Computer Aided Digital Design (CADD) Operators

  • Additional outdoor storage and maintenance facilities available for further development 

Over the years retention of key managers, aided the development of the organization, along with a portfolio of quality assets, equally matched with an impressive highly skilled work force; comprising of an average 150 full time employees with exceptional experience.  This has allowed CL Marine to become a major provider of ship building, ship repair and conversion, mechanical, fabrication and installation, electrical and machining activities for the shipping and energy sector within the Caribbean hemisphere, for local and international clients.

Key employees have over 300 years combined experience of steel construction and machinery experience, with over 80 years in the Global Energy Sector.  This has allowed them to successfully, complete over 750 projects.


CL Marine facilities are designed around our customers' needs and requirements. The Company receives support from:

On site training school

Fully equipped machine shop, lathes, drills, complete with an overhead 15 ton crane running the full length of the shop - 61 mtrs x 29 mtrs

Fully equipped electrical shop, for rewinding, baking and refurbishing electric motors, complete with an overhead 7 ton crane

Fully equipped mechanic shop, for major overhaul and refurbishment of engines, generators, compressors and other ships ancillary equipment

Fully equipped steel plate / fabrication shop, for the fabrication of any ships component, with the capability to roll steel plate up to 51 mm thick x 8 mtrs, complete with an overhead 15 ton crane running the full length of the shop - 73 mtrs x 33 mtrs.

  • Customs bonded areas

  • Customs bonded materials

  • 2 x Fabrication building bays - 2,430 sq mtrs and 1,471 sq mtrs

  • Outside open air storage – 50,000  sq mtrs

  • Shot blasting bay - 222 sq mtrs

  • Non destructive testing and inspection services

  • On-site machining & grinding

  • Designing, engineering & consulting

  • Rolling Mobile equipment